2017 Speed Coaching Sessions

What is Speed Coaching and what can I expect?

The essence of coaching is self-responsibility. The client sets the agenda for the session and the coach follows. You can expect clarifying questions to assist you in deciding next steps and moving your work forward. Coaching isn’t therapy or editing. It focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change based on the client’s
focus. A coach can assist you by drawing on your own competence to discover the best decisions for you.

Curated by Lorraine Currelley, Speed Coaching aims to provide facilitative, encouraging, growth-oriented mentoring opportunities to experience coaching that prioritizes clients
writing craft and goals.

Please note coaches have different specialties.

What can be accomplished in  a 20-minute session?

The more focused you are coming into the session, the more you will get out of it. Some possibilities:

  • Discuss a sticking point in your writing or publishing process.
  • Strategize about  how to integrate writing more effectively in your life.
  • Focus on initiating or completing a writing project.
  • Set realistic goals for your writing career.


Edward D. Currelley, poet, author and multidisciplinary artist is widely anthologized. Publications include but are not limited to, Mom Egg Review, DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts published by Writing for Peace, Sling Magazine, Eber & Wein Across The Way Mountain, Metaphor Issue 5, A quarterly magazine of modern and contemporary poetry and his poem “I America” appears in Split This Rock, as part of their Poems of Resistance, Power & Resilience (2017). Honors include honorable mention by Writer’s Digest for Stage Playwriting. He is a PushCart Prize nominee. He is the president of Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. Coaching. Edward D. Currelley is known for his commitment to encouraging and assisting writers with achieving their writing goals. He says, “I listen to the concerns of those I coach and we work together as a team to achieve their goals”.

Mercy Tullis-Bukhari is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist. She finds inspiration from being Afro-Latinx-American from The Bronx, and Honduran/Garifuna of Jamaican descent. She has read at the Bowery Poetry Club, the Nuyorican Poets Café, the Bronx Library Center, and for the Caribbean Cultural Theatre. Her first anthology of poetry called SMOKE (published by Blind Beggar Press) can be found on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Mercy is currently writing her first novel through the MFA program at The College of New Rochelle, and she is compiling poems for her second anthology. Mercy Tullis-Bukhari is an experienced writing and editing coach, inspiring confidence in her clients. She says, “ I hope this confidence, ignites a stronger drive to submit their pieces to publications. She utilizes her skills to help clients put their thoughts on to paper. Connect with Mercy at mercytullisbukhari.com to learn about her adventures.

Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a tenured New York City educator, a CantoMundo, Academy for Teachers and Home School Fellow as well as a two time International Latino Book Award winner and author of Conversations With My Skin and Homenaje A Las Guerreras / Homage to the Warrior Women. She is a 2014 BRIO performance poet award winner and in 2016 she was named one of the 25 Most Influential Women of the Bronx, a BCA Arts Fund and Spaceworks Bronx Community Artist grant recipient. Peggy has been published in 92Y’s #wordswelivein, NACLA, The Center for Puerto Rican Studies, and The Bronx Memoir Project. She has been featured on HBO Habla Women, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Poets and Writers Connecting Cultures Reading, and The BADD!ASS Women Festival.  Peggy is continuously creating and supporting literary events through Robleswrites Productions and is currently pursuing her MFA in Performance and Performance Studies at Pratt Institute. Her latest book The Abuela Stories Project, an anthology of women writers, debuted December 2016 at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Peggy Robles Alvarado is a performance poet, producer and publisher who coaches writers interested in publishing their work, creating interactive and interdisciplinary community based events and presenting poetry or prose in a manner that fosters transformative experiences for both the writer and the audience.  For more information please visit Robleswrites.com.

Lorraine Currelley is a Life and Writing Coach with a passion for encouraging writers at all levels and individuals, to take those critical steps in realizing their writing and life goals. Her coaching has been said to be transformative. She is the author of Stepping into Your Life, Defining and Owning Your Purpose, Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. (Publishers). She utilizes her training and Biblio-Coaching, a term she coined, in her Life and Writing Coaching practices. She’s skilled at asking the questions that assist her clients with articulating their goals and concerns. She has a MS & CT in Mental health and Grief and Bereavement.

Lorraine is a poet, writer, Pearls of Wisdom Storyteller, multidisciplinary artist and activist. She’s the Executive Director for Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. and the Editor for The Currelley Literary Journal. She’s widely anthologized and the recipient of numerous honors, for her work and commitment to creating, producing and serving the NYC & Tri-State literary communities through Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. She has featured on numerous radio and television programs. Contact her at lorrainecurrelley@gmail.com and For further information please visit her at http://www.poetsnetworkandexchange.com/


Registration is limited to 16. We will contact you to confirm whether you will be paired with a coach or added to our wait list.